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As a single mum of four in my 40s, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my career to helping women re-discover themselves.

During our lives, most of us experience great upheaval, incredible sadness, and great challenges, as well as many joys and highlights too, and along the way us girls often lose ourselves. We are mum, wife, partner, friend, wallet…and we do these things with love, but while we work day in and day out, year in and year out, at supporting others, guiding them, being there for those who are important for us, we lose our sense of self, and instead of focusing on our own health, we focus on others’ needs.

So, we put on weight, form poor eating and exercise habits whilst in a perpetual state of tiredness which shows on our skin and various other signs of our depleting health throughout our body which is turn leads to our self confidence eroding over time.

But I believe that inside, sometimes very deeply, us women have a siren and she is just waiting to be let loose. She’s underneath the conforming ideas that beauty only comes in one form portrayed by the media,  she’s underneath the rigid ideals that your body should still look like it did in your 20s (pre-children), she’s underneath the confining thought that you won’t be acceptable until you are thin enough to squeeze into the jeans that have been on the hanger for 12 years, and she’s underneath the all-encompassing feeling of low self-worth, where your confidence has plummeted to a point where you cover up all areas of your body you feel are not worthy of being shown.

Enter Studio Off Duty. Finding the joy in the incredible women you are, acknowledging and finding pride in your scars and celebrating beauty in ALL its glorious forms is our goal – being your own kind of beautiful.

So, that’s my message. I have over 25 years of ballet & dance, 20 years in the fitness industry with various certifications, I am a Master Trainer in Pilates and have trained instructors all over the world; I have had dance schools and personal training businesses, but Studio Off Duty is my passion. A place for women to come and be ‘off duty’ in all their other roles in life and create their own kind of beautiful.

sophia holland


pole instructor suni

Most know me as Miss Suni, fun fact- my full name is Suniti which is actually Indian in origin.

My pole journey began as a student and quickly grew into a passion I can’t live without. As an instructor, I find the most rewarding part of my job is introducing students to the uplifting and supportive environment that is pole.

My self-image has transformed in such a positive way due to pole dance and I aim to inspire students in the same way. I enjoy the many different aspects of pole from attending training camps interstate to performing locally, to building lifelong friendships with people I’ve met along the way.

I maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle, adore anything that involves the beauty of mother nature, love the feeling of staying fit, oh and I might add – am completely obsessed with my pet pig. When asked how I am making strides in life, my goal is – to change the world, one dance at a time.


Pole is a massive part of my life! Since my first spin, I have been hooked.

Pole has helped me transform myself both mentally and physically. And there is no better feeling helping other girls achieve this too.

There are so many different sides to pole – and it is so fun learning them and teaching them: tricks, flow, lyrical, contemporary, sexy, serious strength and my favourite… heels!

rhi on pole


brea pole dancing

I’ve always been immersed in all things fitness and health, having grown up with a fitness/health professional as a mother.

I began dancing during high school and began training in pole during year 12 (because when would have been a better time to start?!) When I left school I acquired my Cert III in Fitness and qualifications in Les Mills Body Balance and Body Attack, and began teaching at Fitness First clubs around Sydney.

I love integrating my theatre training into my pole classes, as well as focusing on pole tricks and combos.