Our Studios

Welcome to Studio Off Duty

We are a community of people who support, encourage and inspire each other.

Our studios in Wentworth Falls and Lithgow offer classes from very beginner to elite, and all in between. Our timetable is packed with Tech levels, private sessions and specialty classes, such as lyrical, heels and ‘get your splits.’

We also offer stretch, core, strength and conditioning classes.

​All of our classes are small, so there’s no getting away with anything!

If you are looking for something fun, that has the added bonus of getting fit, losing some weight, gaining strength and flexibility, and that incredible feeling of gaining confidence, then you have found it.

Our Blue Mountains studio is located in Wentworth Falls Village, with plenty of parking, and close to Schwarzes bakery which is often visited after class.

Our Lithgow studio is at 19 Main St, just down from the station.

pole studio in the blue mountains
pole dancing studio interior
class at pole studio

Our Philosophy

There are many ways to release your siren, but Pole Dance is a fast track to unlocking her. It is truly amazing how inclusive and accepting the pole community is. What pole dancers admire most is strength, grace, nailing your next move, perseverance and humility. And before you say you don’t have that – pole gives you that!

We don’t care about thigh size, we care about having skin on the pole to get your layout. We don’t care if you have a stomach pooch, we care about your shelf grab for allegra, and we don’t care about body size, we care that you grow and progress and discover what your body can do. If you persevere with pole, you will amaze yourself at what you are capable of.

When this spills over into everyday life you’re unstoppable!

Wentworth Falls Studio

15-17 Plantation St, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2872

Phone: 0412 851 890

Email: info@studiooffduty.au

Lithgow Studio

19 Main St, Lithgow

Phone: 0412 851 890

Email: info@studiooffduty.au